Make the difference.

5 BILLION Disposable Coffee Cups are used and thrown away each year in the UK only, 1 in 400 is recycled - which is 0.25%. Have you ever thought of how much of an impact your daily takeaway drink can be on Planet Earth?

We did. That is how we came up with Boffee Cup - Reusable. Bamboo. Eco-friendly. Plastic Free. Takeaway cup.

Choose to Reuse over Single-use.

8 Reasons To choose Boffee CUp

1. Includes  2 lids and 2 sleeves in the box 2. Screw in lid prevents spillages  3. Bamboo lid: No more weird silicone taste  4. Fully dishwasher safe  5.Biodegradable material  6.Helps reducing daily consumer waste  7.Bpa and phthalate free  8. Reusable over and over

Free of Plastic. Pure and Simple.

Too rarely we realise that it is not only the product that make the difference in terms of sustainability, but also what it comes in, which is very often, sadly, non recyclable plastic. This matter is something we kept in mind and We are proud to say that Boffee Cup is totally and absolutely PLASTIC FREE. Pure and simple.

Fully Recyclable

Boffee Cup is built to last. However, when its time comes, all the materials it is made of, can be recycled easily. The cup itself along with the lid can be disposed of with the rest of the compost, and silicone is fully recyclable!

Made of Bamboo

Bamboo is one of the most sustainable Resource on the planet: it grows twice as fast compared to other crops and requires no fertilizers, pesticides and a very small amount of water.

Money Saver

Bring your Boffee Cup in one of the Major Coffee Shops and you’ll get a discount on your takeaway drink.  Good for you and the planet.

Temperature Tested

Although it is not a thermal mug, Boffee Cup is resistent to the heat as well as to low temperatures making it perfect to carry around your favourite hot or cold drink.

One Style Fits All

The geometry never goes out of style, both pattern and colors have been chosen to fit professional and social occasions. Use black lid and grip in the office, go green with friends, or switch combo and be creative, it will always look cool!

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Who’s Behind Boffee Cup?

Luca Fiore


A chef passionate about nutrition and sustainability He is the one that comes up with a lot of confusing ideas (Veronica, connects the dots…). He’s always been obsessed with protecting the planet however, using seasonal local ingredients for his dishes & being scrupulous with recycling wasn’t enough. By watching too much single use cups going around He had his change to do even more for the planet and, together with Veronica, came up with a different cup.

Veronica Notari


With a long experience in events and organization Veronica has been the engine of boffee cup! She created the design, the package and made sure everything was made plastic free squeezing the factories to get only the best materials! Passionate about our planet and mother nature she always wanted to do something to change the way we consume and use resources, this little product got the best out of her.